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Friday, March 28, 2014


Vincent Palazzo’s new thriller begins and ends with lasagna and cannoli.  For six year old Tim Abate and sixty year old Tim Abate everything in-between is a dangerous mix of warm and fuzzy and dark and disturbing.

Benny and I would make shapes on the frosted glass with our fingers...

Tim Abate is obsessed with memories of his childhood.  He thinks about adventures with Mom and Dad, summer vacations by the lake and Sunday dinners with the family.  Especially Sunday dinners.  They were always his favorite time of the week. 

As he remembers all the things that made him smile, Tim finds anger.  Anger is all he has left.  All he wanted, all he ever wanted, was the life he had growing up – to pass that on to his children – but that is no longer possible; the fun ended when life with Miranda began.  Everything he cherished started to die, started to fall away like so many dead leaves off a dying tree, when he met his wife.

My life is in free fall; I am aware of the descent; the bottom, frankly, worries me...

In the darkest corner of his brain, Tim concocts one outlandish scheme after another – desperate doodles that become more plausible with each passing day and with each warming glass of scotch.  With a little stealth, Tim decides he can reclaim his birthright and his legacy.

Only one question remains: will his plan be a recipe for disaster or salvation?

“A beautifully written coming-of-age story with a darker heart that totally grips the reader’s attention.”  - Lilian Darcy, author of “The Sweetest Thing” (Montana Born Books).

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