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Monday, September 10, 2012


If you haven't read "This Little Piggy Belongs to the Devil" but you'd like a chance at winning a FREE paperback copy just email your guesses to the quiz below.  The top ten (10) contestants with the most CORRECT answers will receive a copy in the mail.  The rules are simple. Email your guesses to  Make sure you include your mailing address.  Please only include question numbers and answers (don't re-copy questions) in your response. Responses must be received by 9/30/2012



The Narrator's grandchildren are killed by:

(a) a pail of gasoline
(b) an industrial sized wood chipper
(c) a paper plate
(d) duct tape
(e) an ice cream truck


The Narrator met his future wife (Brenda) at:

(a) the Strand Bookstore
(b) The Museum of Modern Art
(c) an ATM
(d) a singles party
(e) her father's church


The Narrator was sent to the "Happy Hotel for Naked Old Men" because:

(a) he threw a lasagna on the floor
(b) he accosted a priest
(c) he got naked in his living room
(d) he hired a hit man in Soldier of Fortune Magazine
(e) he stole a vintage airplane


The Narrator's former daughter-in-law is killed by:

(a) an ice cream truck
(b) a poisoned watermelon
(c) the Russian mob
(d) a radio in the bath tub
(e) fire


The Narrator's son divorces his wife because:

(a) she took drugs
(b) stole from the office
(c) had sex with a busboy
(d) was already married
(e) fell asleep during sex



The Narrator got in trouble in Catholic School for:

(a) having sex behind the Statue of St. Batholomew
(b) smoking pot behind the handball court
(c) buying too many milks at lunch
(d) lying about having sex in confession
(e) mouthing the words at the Christmas Concert

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