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Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting to Know the Cast

Some quips that define (maybe) key characters from "This Little Piggy Belongs to the Devil": 

Esposito Manly

"He had virtually no ambitions (except his long held dream to become an adult film director), favoring odd jobs to the office gigs secured by his father."

"I took some film courses at A.C.C. after high school and then again a few years later in New York City.  Some film academy.  I don’t remember the name.  I figured I’d move down there, find some girls, crank out movies and make a fortune.  There’s a ton of money in movies.  Billions.  The girls didn’t take me seriously.  One called me a perv.  A couple let me film them when we know...but they were just like the high school girls I taped with my dad’s old camera.  They all got off seeing themselves on video but none of them wanted Mom and Dad to see them doing it.  A couple mentioned their big brothers and the football team when I suggested it."

The Ex-Daughter-in-Law

"...we can believe what we want but we will never know for sure.  Our daughter-in-law, God help her and keep her (because I don't want her), slept with an ugly troll of a man..."

"He crafted a picture of my daughter-in-law that contradicted every one of my observations.  If I believed my son, and I did, his wife at home was not the wife who helped Brenda prepare holiday meals in the kitchen or who laughed at my jokes across the dinner table at our favorite restaurant."


" George said sex not love and that's what I said."

"The George smile, that all-knowing little boy grin, was back."

"I realized I did not care how Brenda saw me.  George had accomplished something extraordinary.  It was real.  It had substance.  It could be studied and appreciated. "
"George was truly enjoying himself.  His eyes were positively twinkling.  He saw his question as a trap.  Some sort of Gordian knot I wouldn’t be able to cut."

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